Summers Spirit Gatsby GRC


Siendo's Annie Oakley at Summer's Spirit FCH, GRC, ORC

Whelped 3/23-24/2020

We are so deeply honored to be whelping and raising this litter of puppies for Donna Murphy of Summer's Spirit. This litter is expected to produce some serious performance talent, especially in the realm of racing. Both parents are highly accomplished runners,  Gatsby being the #2 LGRA silken 2019, and Annie taking #1 for LGRA nationals in 2016 and was #10 ASFA  silken 2017. These puppies will be down from some of the most legendary racing silkens: "Pride" Siendo's American Pride,  "Czar" Kristull Jaromir, "River" Lagniappe Shadow On The Teche, and "Katarina" Velichestvo Katarina. 

Fast dogs deserve fast names. The litter is named for the cars of the golden era of rally racing. During the 1980s the FIA reworked many of its rules and regulations for the WRC. Eventually banned for being too fast and wildly dangerous, these were some of the most sophisticated, and powerful cars ever built. Though short lived, these are some of the most legendary sports cars ever produced.

Candid Photos!

Group Photo - Week 1

Lancia and auntie Margot - Week 4

Opel & Colt - Week 6

Exploring with Margot - Week 9

Skoda and Momma - Week 2.5

Audi and Renault - Week 5

Renault - Week 8

Skoda - Week 10