Abous Us

Inspired by the latin phrase: Auspicium Melioris Aevi, "an omen of a better age". Melioris is latin for improvement. Singularly, as an adage it means "for the pursuit of the better".  Something we intend for ourselves in all aspects of life. Our focus with our dogs is to be always improving, especially in pursuits of performance.  

All breeds of dog were created with a unique purpose. At their core sighthounds are a hunting breed., These dogs are specialized for sprinting, visual pursuit, and taking down prey. Seeing these dogs in pursuit is captivating; their impressive speed, along with their grace, is awe inspiring. The genetic backing that supports these talents should not only be preserved, but also continually improved upon.

We aim to emphasize sporting performance, in preservation of the purpose of the sight hounds. Also producing conformation that  does not deviate from the standard, yet supports our main pursuit 


International Silken Windhound Association


Midwest Silken Windhound Association

Michigan Gazehound Association


Detroit Area Racing Klub



2020  - 2021  • MSWA Member at Large

2020 - 2023  • Illustrated Standard Committee

2021 - 2023  • MSWA Vice President

2022 - present MGA Director

2022 - 2023  • ISWS Nationals Public Relations

2023 -  present DARK President