WW's Mark Martin


Greyhound (NGA, retired)

Whelped: 2014

Dam: WW Rysta Gale

Sire: Kelso's Fusileer

Eliot was my first and only foster failure. After having nine greyhound fosters, he was the one that got to stay. Eliot made it through race training, however failed to show any promise on the track. This put him in a listing, with other retired racers, for adoption groups to choose from. After deciding to take a break from fostering I wanted to pick my last foster. Once I saw his picture in the listing, I immediately messaged our group's president requesting that we take him on. Eliot was special from the moment I saw him.

He is a fairly typical grey, but has always behaved like a much older dog. He isn't interested in other dogs, but has been the best brother for Margot. Though he isn't one to play often, he is nice enough to rough house with his sister during his nightly "I demand you feed me" tantrums.


Early Retirement (2015)